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2016-07-26 15:46

On Monday 25 July 2016, Stewards concluded their inquiry that had been opened and adjourned on Monday 11 July 2016, into the circumstances surrounding the presence of a prohibited substance, Acepromazine & its metabolite 2-1-hydroxyethel promazine sulphoxide (HEPS), being detected in random pre-race blood & post-race urine samples taken from E049 WIN PERFECTLY prior to and following its unplaced run in Race 3 The Okinawajima Rating 45-25 (Class 4&5) at Taipa Racecourse on Friday, 22 April 2016. Mr Ao and Mr Moore were issued a Letter of Accusation in regard to the positive swab samples taken from Win Perfectly on that day.

At today’s resumed inquiry, after taking into consideration further submissions, Stewards found the accusations proven. Stewards were of the belief that the only plausible explanation for the presence of Acepromazine & HEPS in the aforementioned samples was due to the administration of Acepromazine by Mr Ao to Win Perfectly on 22 April 2016.

In all the circumstances it was the decision of the Stewards to disqualify Mr Ao Lit Weng indefinitely, effective immediately. His employer the Macau Jockey Club will be notified to take the necessary consequences and measures considering this decision that implies that Mr Ao is no longer allowed to attend the Taipa racecourse or have any involvement in the care or training of any race horses.

Trainer James Moore was fined the sum of HKD$100,000.

Both Mr Ao and Mr Moore were advised of their Rights of Appeal.

Win Perfectly was disqualified from its last placing in Race 3 The Okinawajima Rating 45-25 (Class 4&5).

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